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Redding Woman Charged for Allegedly Injecting Patients with Botox without a Medical License

Shasta County DA's Office has filed charges against Susan Ann Tancreto for providing her patients with Botox and other similar treatments without having the proper professional license. An investigation revealed that her actions caused severe injury and major facial deformities to some of her patients.

Additionally, the Shasta County DA's Office filed charges against Larry Richard Pyle M.D. for selling Botox to Ms. Tancreto even though she was not authorized to be in possession of the substance. Tancreto is facing eight felony violations, including:

  • Mayhem
  • Battery with serious bodily injury
  • Unlicensed practice of medicine
  • Selling/transporting a controlled substance
  • Dissuading a witness

Dr. Pyle is facing charges for aiding or abetting in the unlicensed practice of medicine.

According to reports from the California Department of Consumer Affairs-Division of Investigation and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the two agencies received a complaint that led to the investigation of Tancreto. The investigation revealed that she was giving patients filler, Botox, and other similar treatments at Bellisima Salon & Day Spa in Redding and other locations.

Officials close to the investigation say that Tancreto told people that she was a nurse who worked for Dr. Pyle. However, Tancreto doesn’t have a license to be a medical doctor or nurse, and she has never possessed such licenses in her life.

Investigators determined that Tancreto was buying Botox form Dr. Pyle. She would inject the patients who were under the impression that she was a nurse offsite. People who received the Botox and/or filler treatments from Tancreto were never examined by Dr. Pyle to see if they were ideal candidates for the treatment, according to officials.

Tancreto's Botox and/or filler injections caused serious injury to some of her victims, as well as facial deformities that will require long term medical treatment. Officials revealed that one of the victims of Tancret’s botched injections learned that silicone was injected into her lips after she had a biopsy from another surgeon. She will likely require lifelong treatment to remedy her lip injuries. The FDA does not approve the use of silicone for wrinkle injections, or to augment other tissues in the body.

The investigation also concluded that Tancreto offered, sold, furnished, or gave away controlled substances, including:

  • Norco
  • Valium
  • Tramadol

The Shasta County District Attorney's Office is urging anyone who has been treated by Tancreto, or has been injured as a result of Botox or any filler injection treatments from Tancreto, to report their incident to the District Attorney's Office Consumer Protection Hotline. Call (530) 225-5391 to make your report.

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