Gary is an extremely knowledgable and professional attorney. From beginning to end he did nothing but inspire confidence. He was sharp in depositions and a skilled negotiator. It was just nice knowing that I had someone who was good at what he does and could be trusted.

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If you've been injured in an auto accident caused by another person's negligence, our experienced personal injury attorney can help you file a claim to pursue justice. For over 20 years our team at Haslerud Law Office has been committed to obtaining maximum compensation for accident victims in Northern California, and we provide the strong and effective advocacy you need.

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From the most complex accidents to simple fender benders, we represent each client to medical parties and insurance companies in order to resolve medical bills, insurance claims, and more. Haslerud Law Office helps clients in Shasta and the surrounding counties, and our Redding personal injury attorneys are ready to fight for you.

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In order to receive the compensation that you deserve from an insurance company or from a negligent party, you must be able to prove the following three vital components of your case:

  • The extent of your damages
  • How the harm was caused
  • Liability of a negligent party

The difficult and detail-intensive process of gathering proof and presenting it to the insurance company is your responsibility as the victim. To avoid un-needed stress and time spent dealing with the insurance companies, it is wise to contact our qualified, competent Redding personal injury attorney at Haslerud Law Office, A Professional Corporation. We can handle even the most complicated cases from paperwork to representing you in the courtroom.

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Through open communication, persistence, and personalized attention to each client and his or her case, we are dedicated to pursuing the resolution you desire, and winning the damages you deserve. Don't let another driver's negligence affect your life for the long term. Call our firm to retain an attorney who cares. For a completely free case evaluation over the phone or in person, contact us today.